Magical Mala - Natural Brachiopod/Ammonite Fossils Raw Stone

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Magical Mala - Natural BrachiopodAmmonite Fossils Raw Stone

Whether you are a collector or you are looking for a unique addition to your home or office space this natural one-of-a-kind texture will surely add some magic. 

• Sizes will vary
• Material(s): Natural Brachiopid/Ammonite Fossils (Natural Material with Imperfections)

About Brachiopods: The Early Palaeozoic brachiopod Dolerorthis. Brachiopods have a very long history of life on Earth (at least 550 million years). They first appear as fossils in rocks of earliest Cambrian age, and their descendants survive, albeit relatively rarely, in today's oceans and seas.

About Ammonites: Ammonites were prolific breeders, lived in schools, and are among the most abundant fossils found today. They went extinct with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Scientists use the various shapes and sizes of ammonite shells that appeared and disappeared through the ages to date other fossils.


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