Kyanite, White Agate and Aquamarine Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Aquamarine - Protection And Courage - Intellectual Growth - Inner Knowledge - Verbal Expression - Strengthen Verbal Reasoning - Peace - Serenity

Blue Kyanite - Clarity - Aligns Chakras – Calm - Serenity - Helps the throat and brain

White Agate - A grounding stone - Helps bring emotional & physical balance to the wearer

Kyanite Size: 10mm
Aquamarine Size: 8mm
White Agate Size: 6mm

Bracelet Materials:

Genuine Semi Precious Stones- Highest Quality
Strong Elastic Band .7mm
Sterling Silver Accents
Vermeil Accents

Processing Time: 2-3 Days

Handmade & Shipped with love from U.S.A.